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Facts and Guarantee


IBuildRings is a Stuller Dealer of fine gemstones. The diamonds are Stuller RED BOX diamonds with guaranteed grading reports, laser inscribed ids, 1-year loss/theft policy, and life-time upgrade policy. Stuller offers BLACK BOX fine colored gemstones with guaranteed grading reports, 1-year loss/theft policy.  See Stuller Red Box and Black Box for program benefits.  There are diamonds and gemstones for every budget!

Using your own Gemstones

You are welcome to bring your own gemstones and let me design a new setting for them. I do not charge to set stones purchased through IBuildRings. There is an additional setting charge for stones not purchased from IBuildRings. You will receive a receipt when I accept the stones. On the receipt you will declare the value. Your gemstones are treated with the kindest care I can offer. As with all manufacturing processes there is a risk of loss or damage. If the stone is lost or damaged IBuildRings will repair the stone, replace the stone, or refund the declared value depending on what I think is appropriate. When you ship your gemstone to my shop to complete a project you will first receive a Next Day shipping label. There are special packaging instructions that need to be followed.  I will also need an appraisal or a jewelry shop receipt to verify the value of the stone for insurance purposes.

Who owns the Designs?

Custom Designs are the intellectual property of IBuildRings and affiliated businesses.  All rights are reserved.  You are buying finished jewelry.  The designs cannot be duplicated, copied, or sold without written permission.


IBuildRings is family business. It is closed Friday night 5PM to Sunday at 1PM to allow my family and my employees to honor Shabbat and attend Church services. Otherwise, I answer emails anytime I’m working in the shop. (sometimes to the wee-hours!). I will be happy to accommodate your schedule whenever possible. Local customers can meet with me at Terra Bella on Dimond Blvd. next to Bed Bath and Beyond in Anchorage, Alaska. Terra Bella is open from 8am to 6pm weekdays and 8am to 5pm on weekends for meetings. We can still meet in the evenings at Kaladi Bros or Starbucks if you prefer. We can schedule a computer “GoToMeeting” internet meeting almost anytime. My office phone rings through to my cell if I’m out of the shop. Please leave a message if you miss me or leave an email and I will get back to you promptly.


All jewelry is made as if for a member of my family. The job is done when you are completely satisfied. If you are dissatisfied I will either re-make the item or refund your money upon return of the item in the original condition. You have 7 days to inspect the item and request a refund. After that period I will assume that you are pleased with the project. After this period I will repair defects in workmanship. Normal wear will be repaired at owner’s expense. All gemstone settings should be inspected every 6 months by a professional jeweler for security and immediately if the item has been dropped or damaged. IBuildRings is not responsible for stone loss. Buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Under all circumstances IBuildRings liability is limited to the purchase price of the item.

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